Asama-shuzo Brewery‘s Direct Sales Outlet


A major outlet of traditional and contemporary Japanese sake and local products directly managed by Asama-shuzo brewery, which is one of the well-known local brewery and is 140 years since foundation.
It takes around 25 minutes driving from Kusatsu Onsen (Kusatsu Hot Spring), and around one hour driving from Karuizawa (an upmarket mountain resort).

Main department

1st floor of the outlet building. Open 9:00~16:00

We are dealing in traditional and contemporary Japanese alcoholic beverages (sake, shochu, wine, liqueur) brewed by Asama-shuzo brewery, homemade local sweets, such as “manju (Japanese-style buns)” and many other local specialties.
We are always opening tasting events for alcoholic beverages and other local products in the department.
Most of credit cards are accepted here and this is a duty-free shop.

Our refined sake, “DAI-GINJO, HIGEN” has been awarded the gold medals for five straight years at the Monde Selection.
Our homemade sweet, “KURO-GOMA-MOCHI” was awarded the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare award by the Nationwide Recommended Tourist Souvenirs Committee.


There are two restaurants in the outlets.


Japanese cuisine restaurant “Sakura-tei”. Open 11:00~14:00 (closed on Thursday)
Visitors will be satisfied with genuine homemade SOBA and UDON noodles, homemade TOFU, freshly fried TEMPURA and a special local cuisine “OKKIRI-KOMI noodles” at Sakura-tei restaurant. Joshu-beef’s SUKIYAKI is also very famous menu at the restaurant.

Soba (buckwheat) noodles and tempura set.
SOBA noodles and TEMPURA combo.
Rainbow trout sashimi set.
Rainbow trout sashimi combo.

Cafeteria “Asa-manpuku”. Open 10:00~15:00
We are serving light meals such as ramen and curry rice at the cafeteria.

Spicy volcano ramen.
Hot taste “Funka (volcano)” ramen
Menchi-katsu curry.
Curry imitating a dam

Outdoor food stalls

Please drop in here if you feel a bit hungry for purchasing some snacks, coffee and soft drinks.

Soft serve ice cream flavored with refined sake.
Soft ice cream flavored with refined sake
Original hamburger.
Original homemade hamburger